Crazy Idea, Hijacking the Sun for Unlimited Energy

Hi viewers, in films we like to see figures who want to rule the world, not even one planet is controlled but to the level of the solar system

But is it real?  Okay, before you give up, think further to answer that question, it's impossible, because there is a concept from physicists who says that we can rule the solar system.

Days on fire, giant shell technology to absorb all the sun's energy, with solar panels of this size we can suffice the energy of one world

Even though solar panels can absorb a small part of the sun's energy, every second the sun releases or shoots billions of times more energy than the most powerful nuclear bomb.

That much energy can be used to turn on electricity in Indonesia. Are humans ready to get that much energy?

As we know the shape of a giant shell is currently impossible because the structure could collapse under the gravitational pull of the sun or collide with comets and asteroids.

Scientists have figured out what we have to make is a daison sword, like the sun's shadow surrounded by millions of billions of satellites

How to make it, at the beginning we definitely need 60 materials needed to make a satellite that can withstand the sun's heat

We can use planet Mercury to run mining equipment, manage mining products

For this energy maybe just a dream..

There are still even crazier concepts. Think about what makes modern civilization far more advanced than in the past

Yes, computers, we can know the internet, meet people from around the world and make all kinds of applications, but of course the most powerful computer requires a lot of energy.

Now imagine a super computer that uses a daison sword to use solar energy, we all know computers are hot when they are used, so we will make a layer of daison swords to absorb that heat into energy and so on.

This supercomputer is called the Matryoshka Bridge with our computer being able to process anything, maybe even simulating the universe.

Well, maybe right now you're imagining this crazy idea, what if this idea works in the future.

How does it feel if the crazy idea of ​​using solar energy becomes unlimited energy in the future, Thank you for visiting the website, if you have questions or suggestions for creating other technological content, just write them in the comments column below, hopefully the information can be useful..

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