What does the original Internet quota look like?

What do you think about the form of quota or credit?

If the battery of friends is full, it's time we are ready to warm up, the saddest thing.

If you now have a cellphone but don't have a quota, it's like a bowl without your favorite food

What is the form of the credit and quota?  How to make it and why the price can be different

There is no form for credit and quota. Actually, internet connection in the world is free, the quota or credit that we pay is for employee salaries, submarine cables and so on.

The quota is not made but becomes a limit, the speed limit that the provider gives us, just imagine this city is like a water tank that we use for bathing and boiling noodles, the more expensive the fee, the bigger the tank and the faster the flow, it's the same as  the internet quota

Guess what, in this world more internet uses cables or not, for the answer, because cellphones and laptops use neighboring hotspots, you are ready to be surprised because 90% of internet connections are connected via cable including WiFi

Your cellphone data package has served you well, but in fact, almost half of the world's population does not have an internet connection

That's why big companies like Amazon are making alternative ways to connect people from remote areas in the world to connect to the internet.

Well, now you know that quota with credit is a tool for doing business from operators that provide internet connections.

But try to comment below about how it will feel like an internet connection in the future, Thank you for visiting the sobatlag.com website, if you have questions or suggestions for making other technology content, just write them in the comments column below, I hope the information can be useful..

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