iOS 16 coming soon : trending today

We have received more questions about iOS 16 on the next iPhone, the next software update will be announced by Apple.

Although there is no official release date at this time, we are expecting to get clear information which is currently scheduled for June 6-10.

Will older devices on iPhone 7 in 2006 get iOS 16?  Then how is the comparison between iOS 15 which already has many interesting features compared to iOS 16?

We've rounded up some of what we've heard on the internet, keep in mind Apple hasn't confirmed what operating system will appear in the next iOS 16.

I'll update with the rumors floating around the internet and spill something interesting if we find any information about iOS 16 iPhone.

iOS 16 release date, Guess when iOS 16 comes out?

Apple will usually announce the next iOS at its annual WWDC conference and will release a public beta soon after.

Information is circulating that iOS 16 will launch in September, as the next iOS will arrive at the same time as the next iPhone.

For example last year, Apple released iOS 15 on September 20, about a week after the iPhone 13 event. Will be holding Apple's iPhone 14 launch this September, which means iPhone, iOS 16 will likely follow soon.

Will iOS 16 be available for your iPhone?

Even when Apple launches a new iOS every year, the operating system is compatible for older models, iOS 15 works smoothly on older iPhone models.

However the iPhoneSoft site claims that developers at Apple on iOS 16 will work on iPhones that have an A10 processor or higher.

New features of iOS 16 ?

According to the experience of iPhone users is a small application box that decorates the screen, LeaksApplePro suggests iOS 16 to show applications that are displayed in boxes and rectangles that are larger than usual

Leaves room for more information such as the weather for the day, special reminders, and currently playing songs.

It's possible that for iOS 16, Apple could choose to make FaceTime more like Zoom.  At a time when the tech giant is pushing a metaverse about Apple VR tools or AR headsets, it's possible that iOS 16 could incorporate some meta elements.

How to download iOS 16 beta ?

It's still a long time, but it never hurts to be prepared.  Downloaded the new operating system iOS 16, which takes up quite a lot of space on the phone.

Then you need to back up your phone so that you don't lose anything important if the update goes wrong.  If you're looking for a new tutorial for iPhone right now, check out these iOS 15 settings for tweaks and hidden features.

To try the beta version once it's released, you'll need to enroll in the Apple Beta Software Program.

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