iOS 15.4.1 iPhone Battery Fixed

The update on the new iPhone was released last week, Iphone iOS 15.4.1.  Update after Iphone iOS 15.4, this update is very small but still important

This update fixes a battery drain bug and fixes a security flaw, which Apple says is an "active exploit" on some devices.

Several iPhone users took to Twitter to complain about the battery draining quickly after installing iOS 15.4.

The problem the user experienced, then immediately responded to the user by Apple by tweeting that some apps and features are normal until the iPhone adjusts up to 48 hours after the update.


Thanks for contacting us! We'd be happy to help. This is normal if apps and features have adjusted within 48 hours of an update



Please contact us via DM, if this becomes a problem after the specified time so we can help you investigate further


The update on iPhone iOS 15.4 to iOS 15.4.1 has fixed several bugs that caused the device to braille (unresponsive) when navigating text or alert notifications, a bug that caused some iPhone hearing devices to lose connection in some apps

For iPhone iOS 15.4 Apple was released on March 15, and is rolling out updates that include the ability to unlock Face ID on your iPhone while wearing a mask, Universal Controls, New Emoji and other features.

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