How to Increase Sales in the Month of Ramadan

You have entered the month of Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, many businesses or companies begin to develop strategies for sales.

For business people, they must prepare a way with careful planning, in order to meet market demand.

Because in this month of Ramadan the behavior of consumers or customers will tend to increase. So what are you curious about?  Then how to increase sales in the month of Ramadan? Check out the information below...

Increase Sales During Ramadan

To increase sales more in the current month of Ramadan, you have to prepare strategies and ways to increase sales with careful planning so that your sales get market demand that is soaring rapidly.

Plan to Increase Sales

How to increase or increase sales by planning.  In this month of Ramadan, consumer behavior increases, especially sales via the internet.  Especially during this pandemic, people will be very active on social media.

You can create some content that can attract visitors related to the month of Ramadan.  That way customers will be interested in seeing your product

Even to make conversions or purchases to your products, content created while introducing your business brand.

Ramadan Promo

Customers will be very interested in promos, or discounts.  You can take advantage of this promo as a Ramadan promo.  In this month of Ramadan, consumers are more interested in cheap promos or discounts.

Buy 1 get 1 is a promo that you can offer or add a cashback promo, free shipping or other vouchers.

Many offers you can offer, in the month of Ramadan many people shop at affordable prices.  This can be a strategy to increase sales during the fasting month.

You can also make a bundling promo by offering a complete package at a lower price than buying units at a higher price.

You can add a banner in your online store with the currently available promos to make it more attractive

Make a Giveaway

You can also make a giveaway in the month of Ramadan.  This goal is for engagement that can increase visitors or interactions between consumers and customers.

Giveaway prizes can be in the form of discount shopping vouchers or other gift vouchers in the form of physical or e-wallet balances.

This giveaway is one way to increase sales

Service Hours

Adding hours of service is one way to increase sales during the fasting month.  You can serve customers during certain hours and business hours.  You can take advantage of this month of Ramadan by adding service hours at certain times related to Ramadan.

Changing your business hours at dawn or before opening, which can increase sales during Ramadan.

In general, consumer behavior in the month of Ramadan changes, such as when people shop at dawn or hang out before opening.  You can increase this time to increase sales.

Make Limited Products

You can make this method for new products or new promos, for example you want to launch a new product in the form of limited edition clothing and can be ordered during the month of Ramadan.

That way, potential customers will be interested in buying the product.  This strategy can use the word 'limited' or 'limited' which will attract customers or consumers and buyers will buy as quickly as possible before ending.  Of course this can increase sales.

Ramadan Special Packaging

You can try making packaging with a Ramadan theme.  Consumers will really like unique things and give an exclusive impression

You can customize the packaging with the feel of Ramadan, you can also add a greeting card that can be given as a gift.

That way, you can sell the product at a slightly higher price than the usual packaging price because of the special packaging.

Prepare Capital For Business

The last way you need to increase sales, you must have enough capital even bigger.  In this month of Ramadan the opportunity for buyers will be more crowded

Thus information on how to increase sales during the month of Ramadan.  You also need to prepare a strategy and apply the method above and don't forget to update product stock so that consumers can make purchases

Hopefully the above information can help you in increasing sales in this month of Ramadan, Hopefully Helpful..

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