Basic SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2022

Basic SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2022

I learned from my experience in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it has been proven effective to increase organic traffic

With the SEO tutorial for beginners in this article, there are many Seo techniques, Seo strategies that you can apply on your blog

In this SEO tutorial for complete beginners, what SEO techniques and strategies are applied?  Check out the following

1 | On Page Seo Your Blog

By following some basic Seo Tutorials this time, namely by maximizing SEO techniques, strategies and performance on a website by optimizing in search engines

Before optimizing your blog, make sure your blog is SEO friendly, everything is set up correctly

2 | Learn Seo For Beginners

Making your blog more SEO Friendly is not easy, it requires a long process.

For beginners, there is no need to worry, because there is a lot of information that can be learned about basic seo tutorials for beginners

Some things that need to be applied to your blog settings.  such as the html tag or page title of each page, meta tags, and meta keywords

3 | On-Site Seo and Off-Site Seo

You need to apply optimization to your own blog, which is called On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO is a way of optimizing backlinks from other people's blogs.

4 | Optimization with Pages

By adding a policy page, Google prefers blogs that have a contact page and a privacy policy

5 | Website Structure

You need to pay attention to the structure of your blog, it could be that the links you apply can destroy the SEO that has been built

6 | Keyword Optimization

By optimizing new keywords or keywords, choosing keywords that are in high demand and low competition

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Keyword Optimization Method:

  • Put keywords in the title
  • Add keywords on H2
  • Use keywords in the subtitles
  • Apply keywords in content
  • Insert keywords in meta keywords

Seo Learning Tutorial For Beginners : 

  • Make a short title tag
  • Apply keywords to the title ta
  • Use personal opinion
  • Don't create keyword spam content

Thus the Basic Seo Tutorial For Beginners, follow the steps above to increase your blog's ranking, hopefully it will be useful

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